Red Silk Brocade for Two Thangka


Traditional Silk Brocade:

High-Quality handwoven silk for your thangka. Please choose your preferred size and we will custom make the brocade frame for you. 

Kindly allow us 3-5 business days for the making.

Thangka Brocade Proportion:

In the traditional approach to the thangka brocade, the upper section is approximately half of the height of the lower section. There are two inner cords (normally red and yellow, symbolizing a rainbow) used around the main thangka and their width is around half in size of the width of the blue sides. Right next to the inner side of the cords, the white decorative thread is used to stitch. While, at the outermost side, the red decorative cord is used to stitch the whole brocade.

The front veil can be pure yellow (or with red patterns). There are the two red ribbons hanging from the top (with lower end tapering and pointed).

An additional rectangle that includes motifs or a colored pattern can be added to the center of the lower base. It is often good to use four colors in the brocade for increasing, pacifying, magnetizing, and subjugating. 

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