Handcarved Mandala Set | Religious Artifacts | Gold Plated Mandala Set

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Gold Plated Mandala Set, Buddhist Ritual Items

The mandala set is a gold-plated mandala made up in a tree shape. The mandala is carved with all the auspicious symbols. The top part is said to be a mirror, the golden wheel is beautifully designed in the mirror representing motion, continuity, and change, forever moving onwards like the circular wheels of the heaven.

The offering of a mandala represents the entire form and wealth of the purified universe to one’s lama, guru, or meditational deity, which is the highest ritual expression of devation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. In essence, the mandala offering of the universe is the ultimate act of giving or surrender to the ‘outer’ manifesting guru or deity, who is inseparable from one’s innate Buddha nature- one empties one’s self of self and only the one remains. The form is emptiness, and emptiness is form, there is no separation.


Diameter: 18.5cm/46"
Weight: 1.242 kg (approximately)