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Stupa, Buddhist Shrine

A stupa is a depiction of peace, harmony, and solitude, it spread positive energy in your surroundings. A stupa is a reliquary, a shrine containing the remains of a holy or sainted person and/or artifacts (relics) associated with them.

A Stupa represents the Buddha, topped and sitting in meditation posture on a lion throne. His crown is the pinnacle of the spire. His head is rectangular on the spire's base, his frame is the vase from his legs are the four steps of the decreased terrace, and the bottom represents his throne. It is a perfect and beautiful gift as a home decoration.

Although the original purpose of the stupa was to enshrine relics of great spiritual teachers, they are also constructed for other auspicious reasons. At scared sites they commemorate major events; at crossroads, and mountain passes on pilgrimage routes they provide a focus for religious devotion. As stabilizers, removers of hindrances, illness, and epidemics, they bring peace to strife-torn lands, longevity to the local inhabitants, and a sense of harmony to the whole environment.

Size: 31 cm(Height) and 11 cm(Base)
Weight: 1.320 kg