Himalayan Tibetan Locket With Gemstones | Religious Buddhist Locket

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Himalayan Tibetan Locket With Gemstones

Disclaimer: Please note that the locket you've ordered does not include the chain/necklace. However, we have some special chain/necklace available to complement your locket perfectly. If you're interested in our chain/necklace options, please don't hesitate to send us a message for more details. Thank you for choosing us!

About Locket

This stunning Tibetan locket is a piece of jewelry that radiates beauty with its artistically embedded gemstones. The gems imbue the locket with color and sparkle, rendering it an exquisite and mesmerizing accessory. The locket's sentimental value lies in its ability to hold cherished keepsakes, such as a photograph or a lock of hair, making it a particular item that can be treasured for many years. The intricate design of the locket is crafted with precision, and the gemstones are meticulously selected and set, resulting in a captivating and detailed masterpiece. This locket is ideal for those passionate about jewelry who want to add sophistication to their attire.

Introduction to Locket

A Buddhist locket is a piece of jewelry designed to hold a small prayer, mantra, or image related to Buddhist practice. The locket may have a design or image of a Buddhist deity, such as the Buddha, or an image of a sacred symbol, such as the lotus flower. It is typically worn as a talisman to remind the wearer of their spiritual path and to offer protection. Some Buddhist lockets are also used as a form of religious devotion and are frequently given as gifts to friends and family members to provide them with spiritual support and blessings.
Size: 22cm(Height) x 6cm(Base)
Weight:0.098 kg

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