Large Mandala Wall Hanging | Elevating Your Home Decor with Timeless Elegance

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Large Mandala Wall Hanging

About our mandala

Discover the Large Mandala Wall Hanging's stunning beauty and spiritual importance, which has been skillfully created to provide elegance and meaning to your living area. This gorgeous item is made of copper and plated with 24K gold, giving it a bright opulent aura. What actually distinguishes it is the use of genuine coral, turquoise, and lapis lazuli stones, precisely inlaid to enhance its aesthetic appeal and fill it with spiritual symbolism.

The elaborate Seku design incorporated into the mandala wall hanging inspires reflection and admiration for ancient knowledge and artistic ability. Whether it graces the walls of a meditation room or adds beauty to a living environment, this piece serves as a source of inspiration and positive energy. Its presence serves as a reminder of the universe's interconnection and balance.

Accept the transformational power of the Large Mandala Wall Hanging as it brings peace and beauty into your house. Allow its superb craftsmanship and spiritual symbolism to enhance your surroundings while inspiring times of thought and contemplation. Experience the everlasting attraction of this artwork as it becomes a beloved addition to your home, providing both aesthetic delight and spiritual resonance.

Introduction To Mandala :

A mandala is a geometric arrangement of symbols. As a symbol of Hindu and Buddhist rituals, the mandala represents various aspects of the universe; the principles of life, and the essence of the world. It consists of two words: Manda which means principles and La which means water flowing between these principles. It's a way to remind yourself of the virtues of life and the importance of staying true to yourself.

Size: :45 cm (Height) × 41 cm (width)
Weight: 2.102 kg

How to set up your own Buddhist Shrine?

• Find a clean, quiet, and uncluttered spot.
• Set up an altar table, and cover it with an altar cloth that calls to you.
• Place your sacred item at the center.