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Maha Manjushri Sculpture

About Our Statue :

This beautiful vintage Manjushri statue is made from copper and boasts a beautifully crafted mantra on its base. The statue depicts Manjushri seated in a peaceful and contemplative pose, showcasing the serene nature of the Buddhist deity. This statue's intricate details and craftsmanship make it a true work of art and a stunning piece of decor for any room.

This Manjushri Statue can be placed in homes or any sacred place to use for the focus of meditation practices.

Introduction To Manjushri :

Manjushri means "very auspicious" in Sanskrit. Manjushri, one of the compassion bodhisattvas, is more famous among Tibetan Buddhists. He, as the Buddha Resplendent, resembles a brilliant sun. Manjushri is a Tibetan name that means "good companion." He also represents the Kadampa Buddhist tradition, recognized by its scholars.
Size: 20 cm(Height) and 11 cm(Base)
Weight: 0.748 kg
How do you take care of your statues?

Place them at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight.
Make sure that the area where your statue is placed is completely free of moisture and dust.
Place it at the highest place on your altar after being consecrated by Lama/monks. The best practice is to keep them covered inside a glass cabinet.
Do not use your bare hands or any objects with a rough surface to wipe the face. Directly touching with the bare hand objects can smudge the face, leaving scratches.