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Manjushri With Frame

About Manjushri with Frame :

The Manjushri statue described here is particularly unique, as it is made of real amber, a fossilized tree resin that is prized for its beauty and rarity. The statue is carefully placed inside a frame, which helps to protect it from damage and enhances its beauty. The amber material gives the statue a warm, golden glow, which adds to its spiritual significance and aesthetic appeal. Practitioners may use the Manjushri statue in their meditation practice, focusing on the symbolism of the sword and book to develop their own wisdom and understanding. The statue may also be used in offerings and ceremonies, as a symbol of the power and importance of wisdom in Buddhist teachings.

Introduction To Manjushri:

Manjushri means "very auspicious" in Sanskrit. Manjushri, one of the compassion bodhisattvas, is more famous among Tibetan Buddhists. He, as the Buddha Resplendent, resembles a brilliant sun. Manjushri is a Tibetan name that means "good companion." He also represents the Kadampa Buddhist tradition, recognized by its scholars.
Size: 10 cm (Height) x 10 cm (Base)
Weight: 0.036 cm
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