Manjushree Thangka | Manjushri With Others | Tibetan Thangka Painting

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Manjushree Painting With Others, Hand Painted Thangka

Bodhisattva Manjushri is the embodiment of the wisdom of all the Buddhas.
According to one tradition, he attained perfect enlightenment a long time back. He purposefully descended to the world as a Bodhisattva for the welfare of all sentient beings.
On the Thangka Manjushri is placed in the center with Chenrezig on the left side down and vajrapani on the right-hand side.

May the blessings of Manjushri be there for you!
Size: 18"/45 cm (width) x 24"/60 cm (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Acrylics, Genuine 24K Gold