Metal Mandala Set | Gold Plated and Handcarved | 4 inches

SKU: 7TK4MandalaB


4" Metal Mandala Set

The mandala is a gold-plated set with all the auspicious symbols carved in it. The bottom circle has dragons carved on all sides which represents abundance and prosperity along with studded gems. The mandala is also carved with flowers that symbolize good luck. The carving details are done very finely.

The symbolism of the mandala offering occurs on four levels, the outer mandala is the physical universe as samsara, and the inner mandala is the body, speech, and mind of all sentient beings who inhabit this universe, the secret mandala is composed of the 84,000 thoughts which arise as mind, and the inner secret mandala is innate self-revealed wisdom.


Size: 29 cm(Height) and 13.5 cm(Base)
Weight:1.140 kg