Metal Mandala | Wall Hanging

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Metal Mandala

About Our Thangka :

This exquisite Mandala is a true masterpiece of art, crafted from a solid copper body with gold plating. The Mandala features an intricate design that is enhanced by the beautiful gemstones that have been embedded into it. The central focus of the Mandala is the Buddha sitting in the center surrounded by various other animals. The detail and precision of the artwork are truly impressive, making it a stunning addition to any collection or as a centerpiece in a peaceful home environment. The use of high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship ensure that this Mandala is a timeless piece of art that will be cherished for generations to come.

Introduction To Copper Mandala

A copper thangka is a type of traditional Tibetan Buddhist art that involves creating a religious painting on a copper plate. The copper plate is first polished and then coated with a mixture of ground chalk and glue, known as gesso. The design is then painted onto the copper plate using a combination of mineral pigments and water, and sometimes with the addition of gold leaf. Copper thangkas are highly valued for their durability and longevity, as well as their intricate and detailed designs. They are often used in religious ceremonies and as objects of devotion and meditation. The reflective surface of the copper plate also adds to the spiritual significance of the thangka, reflecting back the viewer's own image and reminding them of their own spiritual journey.

Size: 30cm (width) x 30cm (height)
Weight:0.446 kg

Why choose Evamratna?

To give your space a peaceful, powerful, and attractive feel, we are introducing Buddhism-inspired home décor items to enliven your space with zen vibes in the form of decoration, an art form, or inspiration.