Tibetan Tara Goddess, Mother Green Tara Thangka | Traditional Painting

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Traditional Painting of Tara Goddess, Mother Green Tara Thangka

Discover the captivating beauty of this Tara Goddess Thangka (Green Tara), adorned with a small Amitabha Buddha on the top left corner. This exceptional thangka is painted with stone colors and genuine 24k gold. Green Tara, the compassionate and enlightened goddess, is elegantly depicted in this sacred artwork. She is seated gracefully on a lotus seat. Her gentle yet powerful presence emanates love, compassion, and protection. With one hand holding Utpala and the other in a granting mudra, she is ready to assist and guide all beings on their spiritual path. The inclusion of the small Amitabha Buddha on the top left adds an auspicious touch, representing the embodiment of infinite light and boundless compassion. This exquisite thangka invites you to connect with the divine energies of Green Tara and Amitabha Buddha, inspiring you on your journey of liberation, healing, and enlightenment.

Size: 45cm/18" (width) x 60cm/24" (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Natural Stone color, Genuine 24K Gold

Note: Green Tara Thangka is an original painting from Enlightenment Studio located at Boudha Stupa.

Green Tara, known as the "Mother of All Buddhas," is a revered figure in Tibetan Buddhism. With her verdant complexion, she embodies the compassionate and nurturing qualities of a mother. Green Tara is depicted as sitting gracefully with one leg extended, ready to come to the aid of those in need. Her right hand is outstretched in a gesture of fearlessness and protection, while her left hand holds a closed lotus, symbolizing her potential to bring forth enlightenment. As a compassionate deity, Green Tara is believed to swiftly respond to the pleas of her devotees, offering them comfort, guidance, and protection. She is revered as a source of wisdom, healing, and liberation, and her practice is often associated with overcoming obstacles and achieving spiritual growth. By connecting with Green Tara, practitioners seek her blessings and strive to cultivate her qualities of compassion, strength, and wisdom in their own lives.


We are a team of traditionally trained Karma Gadri artists from Boudha Stupa. Our lineage comes from Venerable Master Jamyang Phunshok from Kham, Eastern Tibet.

We are focused on bringing accurate iconographic thangka, which will be helpful to your practice. 

We do traditional brocade mounts upon your request. We will send available samples and price details for your final confirmation. 

As requested for consecrations/blessings, we can take thangka to Monasteries/Rinpoches from nearby Boudha Stupa. We kindly ask you to offer $50 for the monasteries for blessings/consecration services.