Rare Chakrasamvara-Vajravarahi Thangka Print, Dakini Thangka Print, Digital Print

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Rare Chakrasamvara Vajravarahi Dakini Thangka

Another wonderful thangka of Chakrasamvara in the union. As the family head, we have Buddha Akshobhya on the top, and the central father's mother is surrounded by the four Dakinis. Painted in natural stone color, this stunning thangka is in Karma Gadri style.

She belongs to the mother Tantra of the highest Yoga. This Tantra emphasizes cultivating the actual clear light rather than the illusory body. It also belongs to the new translation school of Tantra. He subdues the Rudra of ego through the transmutation of passion. Thus Cakrasamvara stands on the body of Rudra and his consort. His blue color symbolizes the cosmic Dharma dhātu of space which is devoid of all the qualities. The passion is the principle of the Padma family to which Cakrasamvara belongs.

This thangka will be perfect for any Chakrasamvara practitioner. It is done following Buddhist text and iconography detail to make sure it presents all the right attributes.

THIS IS A HIGH-QUALITY THANGKA PRINT AND CAN BE PRINTED IN YOUR PREFERRED SIZE. This inspiring Buddhist art will be a great gift for a practitioner like you!

-Sold as an unframed thangka print
-Tibetan Silk Brocade framing is available in a variety of colors and quality
-Price ranges from $100 to $200 (and above), depending upon the silk quality
we will work with you to supply you with images of fabrics currently available,
-Additional 3-5 business days for this service
-Free Shipping for print-only
-Brocades will be charged separately as per the weight
-4-10 business days for delivery, depending on your location.
-All items are insured
Return Policy:
-Returns are accepted within 60 business days.
-You can ship either to Nepal or Texas (USA), whichever works better for you.
We will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

May everything be auspicious!

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