Samantabadra Thangka, Tibetan Buddha Painting, Traditionally Hand Painted in Pure 24K Gold

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Samantabadra Thangka, Traditional Tibetan Gold Painting

Representing Dharmakaya-the truth body of enlightenment, Samantabhadra thangka painting for your practice. In this thangka painting, we can see the primordial Buddha, Samantabhadra in unison with his consort in Vajra posture.

The deep blue Primal Buddha and his pure white wisdom consort represent together the blissful essence of the truth body of all buddhas, the most profound, ultimate reality of the universe, unwittingly experienced by all beings but consciously known only by the enlightened. For the unenlightened to use icons such as this to find faith in the underlying and overwhelming goodness of reality itself is considered essential for their evolutionary and spiritual well-being.

Samantabhadra is a personification of the extremely subtle wisdom, great bliss mind of all beings and all buddhas, the primal awareness of the universe. He is in union with the Great Mother, Samantabhadri, who is the clear light of the void indivisible from enlightened awareness. Samantabhadra Father-Mother thus represents the Great Perfection vision of reality, the idea that the fundamental nature of the universe is pure bliss and goodness, total positive energy of joy and of freedom from suffering if beings only turn away from their delusive habits long enough to recognize this very substance of their being.

We follow Buddhist text and iconography detail to make sure it presents all the right attribute for your meditation practice.

Size: 15"/38 cm (width) x 20"/50 cm (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Poster Colors, Genuine 24K Gold

THIS THANGKA IS HAND-PAINTED IN THE TRADITIONAL MENRI STYLE, AND ITS QUALITY IS HIGH. It is painted at Enlightenment Studio, which is located near the Boudha Stupa.
This inspiring thangka would be a great gift for a Buddhist practitioner like you!