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Samsara, Wheel Of Life Thangka

Introduction To The Thangka :

Buddhist monks are well-known for using the Wheel of Life, also known as the "Bhavacakra," as a potent meditation aid. Students also use it to acquire and comprehend the Buddha's teachings.

In many Himalayan areas, Tibetan Buddhist temples may be seen with the Wheel painted on their walls, symbolizing the very causes of sorrow.

The three poisons are shown in the middle circle by an image of a cock (ignorance), a pig (greed), and a snake (hatred). The six realms of existence, which in turn are encompassed by the endless cycle of life, or samsara of wheel, surround them.

The accumulation of our deeds as governed by the law of cause and effect determines our fate, and this is the third thing to consider. Our karmic "account" is the result of all of our deeds, both good and bad, throughout the course of our whole life.

How to take care of your thangka?

-Hang your thangka in a traditional silk brocade
-Regular Inspection of your thangka; examine the borders and all attachments.
-Keep thangkas covered when they are on display but not in use.
-Rotate thangkas between display and storage on a regular basis, two to four times a year, to reduce the amount of exposure to light. Keep away from sunlight and humidity.
-Do not apply liquids or other materials to the surface of the thangka.
Size: 13"/ 33 cm (width) x 17"/ 43 cm (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Acrylic Colors, Genuine 24K Gold
How does Thangka benefit us?

It goes without saying that every detail of a painting has a symbolic meaning. Regardless of your religious affiliation, a thangka can help you on your path to enlightenment, whether you practice Buddhism or have other religious convictions. Thangkas are paintings that depict deities with various iconographic elements and symbolism that encourage meditation on the teachings of the god they depict. Any thangka is intended to aid in the removal of the film of ignorance, which is a significant barrier to the road to enlightenment. The Thangka is revered as a holy item. They promote positivity, spread Buddhism's teachings, bring about peace, harmony, and oneness, and dispel any negative energy that may be there.