Skull Crystal with Gemstones | Stunning Silver Plated Decoration for Home or Office

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Skull Crystal with Gemstones

About Our Skull Head :

The Handcrafted Skull Crystal is expertly crafted on a crystal stone, highlighting its natural beauty and unique characteristics. The crystal stone is meticulously carved into the shape of a skull, resulting in an eye-catching and symbolic piece. Gemstones are embedded into the crystal to enhance its aesthetic appeal, adding a touch of sparkle and elegance. The silver plating highlights the details of the skull and creates a lovely contrast with the crystal. This handcrafted skull crystal is both meaningful and decorative, representing ideas like impermanence, transformation, and spiritual awakening.
Size: 6.5 cm(Height) x 9 cm(Base)
Weight: 0.41kg
Why choose Evamratna?

To give your space a peaceful, powerful, and attractive feel, we are introducing Buddhism-inspired home décor items to enliven your space with zen vibes, in the form of decoration, an art form, or inspiration.