Nepal Spinning Prayer Wheel | Crafted in Copper for Sacred Reverence

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Nepal Spinning Prayer Wheel

About Our Prayer Wheel:

The Nepal Spinning Prayer Wheel is a highly regarded representation of spirituality and devotion that is carefully made by hand out of copper to represent age-old customs. Its height of 21 cm makes it a sight to behold with respect and awe. When a mantra is carefully engraved on the wheel, every turn turns into a holy ritual that fills the space with blessings and good vibes.

Practitioners go on a spiritually enlightening and connecting trip as they interact with the spinning prayer wheel. Its exquisite workmanship and profound meaning provide as a concrete reminder of the power of purpose and the connectivity of all beings. The Nepal Spinning Prayer Wheel encourages people to embrace the divine and develop inner harmony and tranquility, regardless of if it is utilized for personal meditation or is shown in a hallowed place.

Introduction to Prayer Wheel

A prayer wheel is cylindrical on a spindle used in Tibetan Buddhism. It is typically inscribed with the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" and rotated by hand as a form of spiritual practice and to accumulate merit. Spinning the wheel is believed to have the same spiritual benefits as verbally reciting the mantra. The use of prayer wheels is widespread in Tibetan Buddhism and has spread to other cultures.

Size: 21cm(Height) x 11cm(Width)
Weight: 0.48 kg

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