Tibetan Bodhisattva 4 Armed Chenrezig Statue | Avalokiteshvara, The Bodhisattva Of Compassion Artwork

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Tibetan Bodhisattva 4 Armed Chenrezig Statue

About Our Statue

In this traditional art we have depicted 4 Armed Chenrezig, hand-carved and meticulously decorated with gemstones. The lotus petals are decorated with red stones while the robe is adorned with green stones. We also have brass figurine. The molding of this statue took over a month. The artist's dedication to detail, from the design of the robes to the placement of gemstones and accessories is visible on the statue. Crafted by the talented artists of Kathmandu valley, this masterpiece is a precious work of art.

This traditionally crafted statue emanates positive energy, making it a valuable possession for any practitioner.

Introduction to Chenresig

Chenresig epitomizes the bodhisattva's determination to delay attaining Buddhahood until he has assisted every sentient being on Earth in achieving freedom from pain and the cycle of death and rebirth. His name has been translated as "the lord who observes in all directions." The practice of Chenresigs encouraged to develop a calm and compassionate heart. Compassion is the root foundation for excelling in the Buddhist path. He listens to the prayers of all sentient beings in times of challenge and difficulty.
Size: 21cm(Height) x 14cm(Base)
How do you take care of your statues?

• Place them at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight.
• Make sure that the area where your statue is placed is entirely free of moisture and dust.
• Place it at the highest place on your altar after being consecrated by Lama/monks. The best practice is to keep them covered inside a
glass cabinet.
• Do not use your bare hands or any objects with a rough surface to wipe the face. Directly touching with the bare hand objects can
smudge the face, leaving scratches.