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Butter Lamp, Himalayan Crafts

Butter lamps are the traditional items that are used in monasteries and homes. The himalayan craft is with gold and silver . This lamp looks unique and is also known as an offering lamps because it is used for offering deities that represent light and knowledge. Yak ghee or butter is used traditionally to light up the lamp.

The offering of a butter lamp is the offering of wisdom and light of knowledge to eradicate darkness or ignorance. The physical darkness symbolizes the inner darkness of ignorance and the butter lamp symbolizes the inner light of wisdom and knowledge.

The butter lamp is usually being placed between the fourth and fifth bowls of seven bowls containing pure water before the image of the household shrine, at funeral ceremonies, or when visiting temples and going on pilgrimage to sacred sites. Buddhists people often light a large number of butter lamps together at one time on special occasions like full moon day, New moon day,
Size: 14 cm(Height) and 11 cm(Base)
Weight: 0.262 kg