Tibetan Mandala Offering Set | Elevate Your Meditation Experience

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Tibetan Mandala Offering Set

  • Timeless Elegance
  • Sacred Copper Body
  • Luxurious 24k Gold and Silver Plating
  • Manageable Weight at 0.35 kg
  • Elevates Spiritual Practice
  • An Exquisite Addition to Your Space

  • Enjoy the allure of our Tibetan Mandala Offering Set, an elegant mixture of tradition and spiritual significance. It puts tradition and devotion at your fingertips because it is made with a sacred copper body.

    The lavish 24k gold and silver plating adds to the set's allure. It not only gleams with lavishness, but it also gives your spiritual offerings an extra layer of sanctity, heightening the significance of every act of worship.

    This offering set is lightweight (0.35 kg), making it convenient for you to carry around while engaging in spiritual practice. Your experience is elevated, and your rituals gain a deeper, more beautiful quality as a result.
    Size: 21cm (Height) x 15cm (Base)
    Weight: 0.35 kg
    Introduction To Mandala :

    The word Mandala can be broken into two sections: maṇḍa implies the 'quintessence' or 'center and surroundings,' and la signifies 'grabbing hold of.’ It shows the natural balance of the outer world and the inner mind and can also be part of the daily preliminaries of meditation. It represents a combination of Buddha’s enlightened mind and body and is considered a great power. Mandala offering is a powerful custom practice in Tibetan Buddhism.