Tibetan Prayer Bell | Bell and Vajra | Esoteric Ritual Objects

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Tibetan Prayer Bell for Meditation and Ritual Practices

The Tibetan prayer bell is a ritual implement, their sounds are ceremonially performed with other sacred musical instruments. The sound produced by the bell is considered by Tibetan Buddhists as the most beautiful music. This music is presented as one of eight offerings to the deity that is invoked during the ritual.

The sound of the tibetan bell evokes the empty nature of everything. That is, according to the Buddha, it cannot exist independently, and all phenomena lack a true or unique existence. By deeply recognizing the empty nature of everything, we are freed from attachment and disgust, and from the painful cycle of life and death (reincarnation).

The Bell and Vajra are set to represent the perfect union of wisdom and compassion. The bell and vajra are used as ritual items in meditation practice, retreats, and ceremonies along with other musical instruments, mudra hand gestures, and dance.
Size: 23 cm(Height) and 10 cm(Base)
Weight: 0.508 kg