Traditional Rice Offering Set | Highly Decorated Copper Mandala

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Traditional Mandala Rice Offering Set

Embellished with beautiful gold details, our 6" Mandala set can be a valuable addition to your ritual altar. The Rice Offering set is appreciated as artwork for their elegance and naturally balanced nature of the outer world and the inner mind. This Mandala Set is made of mercury and partly gold and is delightfully hand-carved with lovely Ashthamangala symbols.

Offering a mandala, which represents the overall shape and abundance of a purified universe, to a lama, guru, or god of meditation (the guardian deity) is the highest ritual expression of devotion in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

This rice offering practice is the ultimate act of giving or surrendering to the "outer" anifesting guru or deity, who is inseparable from ne's innate Buddha nature, one empties one's 'self' of self and only the 'one' remains. The form is emptiness, and emptiness is form - there is no detachment.


Size: 40 cm(Height) and 15 cm(Base)
Weight: 2.028 kg