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Vajrasattva Statue

About the statue

Our Tibetan statue of Vajrasattva, the great purifier, was handcrafted in Kathmandu using 24 karat gold and corals. This statue depicts Vajrasattva sitting in the full lotus pose on top of a single lotus pedestal.

Introduction to Vajrasattva Statue

Vajrasattva is shown with the vajra in his right hand and the bell in the other. These elements are very significant Buddhist symbols. The bell is the feminine symbol for wisdom whereas the vajra is the symbol for the masculine attribute of compassion. However, it is the combination of these two symbols that is the most potent. This is because Nirvana has been described as the state where wisdom and compassion are eternally joined.

Vajrasattva is also wearing the elaborately carved crown and bodhisattva gems.

Size: 16cm(Height) and 13cm(Base)
Weight: 0.746 kg

How to practice on Buddha Vajrasattva?

The foundation of Vajrasattva practice is Bodhichitta and sanctuary. Afterward, visualize Vajrasattva seated one cubit over your head. A cubit measures from the middle finger tip to the elbow roughly the same as a forearm. Vajrasattva is the whole embodiment of Guru Padmasambhava, all lineage masters, and all enlightened beings, especially the Five Dhyani Buddhas.