Vajravarahi Thangka | 24K Gold Thangka | Tibetan Buddhist Art

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Wrathful form of Vajrayogini, Vajravarahi thangka

In this Vajravarahi thangka, she holds up a vajra-handled curved flaying knife and a skull bowl. A garland of freshly severed heads hangs down almost to the ankle of her left leg. The right leg is bent and brought up to her inner thigh in a dancer's pose.
Vajrayogini is beautiful, the most heavenly of all women.

For the Vajrayana practitioners, this Vajravarahi thangka will be helpful to inspire in your practice.
Size: 10"/25.4 cm (width) x 13"/33.02cm (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Poster Colors, Genuine 24K Gold