White Mahakala Thangka, Hand Painted Tibetan thangka Painting

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White Mahakala

In the thangka, White Mahakala is placed at the center, surrounded by mountains, rocks, trees, rivers, and streams. Even though there are many subjects in the background, somehow whole painting looks soft and calm. With a white body of Mahakala, the soft blue composition makes a perfect match. Offering goddesses and Yakshas are shown in offering gestures to show the wealth aspect of Mahakala.

The beautiful painting of White Mahakala is another nice thangka we have done in our studio. Mahakala is shown in the wealth aspect for the help of the practitioner.

This inspiring White Mahakala can be a great gift for you.
We follow Buddhist text and iconography detail to make sure it presents all the right attribute for your meditation practice.