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Showing 1 - 24 of 110 products
Meditative Shakyamuni Buddha Statue
Buddha Shakyamuni Sculpture Tibet
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Shakyamuni Budda Statue | Symbol of Enlightenment and Compassion
Sale price$722.50 Regular price$850.00
34cm x 23cm +1
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Crown Shakyamuni Buddha
The Crown Shakyamuni Buddha Statue | Experience Serenity with our Sculpture
Sale price$2,126.19 Regular price$2,501.40
40cm x 32cm +1
Save $142.50
Buddhah Shakyamuni Figurine | Icon of Spiritual Wisdom
Sale price$807.50 Regular price$950.00
17.5cm x 13cm +1
Save $165.00
Gold Crown Shakyamuni Buddha Statue
Gold Crown Shakyamuni Buddha Statue | Traditionally Hand-crafted Idol
Sale price$935.00 Regular price$1,100.00
25cm x 17cm +1
Save $225.00
Circlet Shakyamuni Buddha Statue | Icon of Transcendent Wisdom
Sale price$1,275.00 Regular price$1,500.00
36.5cm x 29cm +1
Save $1,890.00
Shakya Thubpa Statue | Shakyamuni Buddha Masterpiece of Serenity and Enlightenment
Sale price$10,710.00 Regular price$12,600.00
74cm x 55cm +1
Save $510.00
Save $127.50
Enlighten Shakyamuni Buddha Statue | Symbol of Spiritual Awakening
Sale price$722.50 Regular price$850.00
22cm x 15cm +1
Save $120.45
Siddhartha Gotama Statue | Historical Shakyamuni Buddha Artwork
Sale price$682.55 Regular price$803.00
27cm x 22cm +1
Save $502.50
Shakyamuni Buddha Beautifully Decorated Statue
Shakyamuni Buddha Beautifully Decorated Statue | Handmade in Nepal
Sale price$2,847.50 Regular price$3,350.00
25cm x 18cm +1
Save $480.00
Siddhattha Shakyamuni Buddha Statue | Embrace Spiritual Awakening
Sale price$2,720.00 Regular price$3,200.00
40cm x 18cm +1
Save $255.00
Shakyamuni Buddha A Historic Figure | Embrace the Legacy of Enlightenment
Sale price$1,445.00 Regular price$1,700.00
37.5cm x 25cm +1
Save $382.50
Shakyamuni Buddha Figurine | Symbol of Spiritual Mastery
Sale price$2,167.50 Regular price$2,550.00
30cm x 24.5cm +1
Scared Brass Shakyamuni Buddha Statue
Shakyamuni Buddha Statue
Brass Sleeping Buddha Statue
Brass Reclining Buddha Statue
Buddha Shakyamuni Copper Statue